Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter

Is there anybody that doesn’t like lip balm? Probably, but not me! Not only are they lovely and moisturising, which is always needed in the winter, but the tinted variety can make for an understated lip colour if you can’t be bothered with lipstick or gloss.

I’ve tried one or two things from Korres before, but wasn’t too enthused about them – moisturising cleansers and the like. The brand has recently been stocked in my local Debenhams, so while I was browsing last week I came across their fancy-looking lip balm pots. Anything to do with roses usually has me hooked (Lush Rose Jam, Turkish delight etc.), so I decided to pick up one of the Wild Rose Lip Butters. 

Lip balms in pots aren’t as easy to use as those in stick form, since you have to dip your finger in and it’s probably not that hygienic either – they do look cuter though. I was really impressed by the formula of this balm, as it went on nice and smoothly and felt nourishing, if a little sticky. The tint from this was a really lovely dark, sheer pink that didn’t bunch up on the lips like some other tinted balms do. The colour lasted fairly well for a balm too, which I was surprised about.

The only thing that disappointed me about this was the scent – it doesn’t smell of roses, or anything at all really. At least there’s no unpleasant scent, but roses would have been nice (sad times). See my awkward selfie below for how the balm looks on the lips:

At £8 it’s not exactly Chapstick price, but the quality of the lip balm impressed me and I’ll definitely be using it into the colder, drier months. The Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter is available from Debenhams, Feelunique and other select retailers.

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