Glossybox: October 2016

NEW SUBSCRIPTION BOX ALERT! I’ve been threatening to try another beauty box for some time now (after growing a little disillusioned with Birchbox), and after much deliberation and shopping around I settled on Glossybox, who operate in both the US and UK.

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This box has a little more of a grown-up feel, with the same beautifully chic pink and black packaging every month – although I will miss the snazzy themed Birchboxes. The box also promises to deliver a more makeup-centric experience – something I didn’t feel I was getting before. October’s Glossybox is also in collaboration with blogger/vlogger extraordinaire Estee Lalonde, who has THE most adorable greyhound (guaranteed clickbait gold).

The box dispatched a few days after my order, and was delivered fairly promptly too – the box itself is quite a bit larger than the ones from Birchbox, but I quite like that as it makes them even handier  for storage when they’re empty. Inside the box, the products are wrapped in tissue and tied with a ribbon, which looked super cute – also included were several bit of card, including a cheat sheet for this month’s products, the prices for full-size items, and how to use them.

Inside this month’s Glossybox:

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UBeauty Secret Flush Blusher and Lip Stain

I’m such a big fan of cream face products, especially those in stick form (see: Collection’s fantastic cream highlighter), so this really caught my eye upon opening it. Also, it’s marketed as multi-use, so can be applied to the lips as well for a shimmery tint of colour.

The packaging features some kitsch polka dots, but didn’t feel cheap in the slightest, and the formula itself doesn’t disappoint either. Substantially pigmented without being too strong, the colour blends smoothly to give a subtle pink shade.

I applied this with my Real Techniques sponge, but I imagine it would also work well with a stippling brush, or blended with fingers too. Off to a good start then!

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait in Exotic Fruits

Ahhhhh how cute is this lippy?! I’d never heard of Trifle Cosmetics before, but the incredibly sweet and kooky cardboard tube this is packaged in definitely draws you in. The lipstick itself has a creamy, slightly sheer formula, which is both smooth and moisturising. My only issue with this is the shade – my lips are a relatively dark pink, so anything in a pale nude shade just doesn’t sit well on my lips (and makes me look a bit dead). I reckon that other colourings and skin tones would suit this shade far more, or anyone who really wanted to go for that pale-lipped look.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Serum

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The phrasing “Drops of Youth” kinda scares me – I’m only 21 and still get asked for ID, so I don’t really want to look any younger. I’ve seen this range at The Body Shop before, and it has distinctive grass-green packaging – as does this teensy sample. The serum can be applied day or night, and has a lovely watery texture – a little goes a very long way, too, since I used one drop for my whole face. While it is a nicely moisturising product, it definitely would be better for someone with drier or mature skin (not my oily baby face).

Primark PS Pro Mascara

The idea of buying makeup from Primark may cause you to recoil in horror, but their new PS Pro range is intended to be a more serious, higher-quality line, at a slightly higher price (but still very affordable). I’ve been surprised by the reaction to this range online, having seen Wayne Goss and other beauty “gurus” (I hate that word) raving about the products. Sadly, despite a recent expansion, my local Primark does no stock this new range, so I was excited to receive this mascara in my Glossybox this month.

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The packaging is a fairly unassuming and inexpensive-looking reflective solver, and the brush itself is one of those thin, plastic spiky ones – I quite like these for separating and lengthening the lashes. The formula wasn’t too bad either, building easily and lasting well throughout the day, although it was a little messy to apply. For the price, I really don’t think this is bad at all, although at a similar price point, I would maybe go for one of the Fairy Lash Princess mascaras from Essence.

Bee Good Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator

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Another brand I hadn’t heard of, Bee Good tout that their products are made with British honey, and are free from parabens, SLS etc. I love a good, effective face scrub that’s not too harsh, and this did the job very well. My face felt smooth and soft afterwards, with minimal tightness and dryness – likely down to the camelina in the scrub. This had a lovely scent too, which was clean and lavender-y without overpowering or irritating my eye area.

Mystery Shampoo

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I couldn’t partake in the reviewing of this month’s “mystery” product – where subscribers receive a product in plain packaging to try out and attempt to guess what brand it is – as Estee revealed its identity not long after I ordered the box. Turns out it is Head and Shoulders, which I’ve always written off since I don’t get dandruff. It does leave your hair fairly soft though, although I found my roots became greasier quicker when I used this (so maybe one for dry scalps).

Overall, I’ve definitely enjoyed the variety in this box – Birchbox tended to have the same handful of brands, and would only include one or two nice makeup bits. I will miss the cute boxes, but I haven’t unsubscribed quite yet – I’ll probably do this at the end of the year. I would recommend Glossybox to anyone looking for a more chic and makeup-heavy subscription box, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what next month’s box will bring.


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