Review: Lush Karma Bubble Bar

Last week I tried out what may be a contender for Lush’s coolest-looking product – the Karma Bubble Bar. Karma is a fragrance that features in loads of different things from Lush, including a perfume and a shampoo bar. Intended to “evoke London in the 1960’s” and made with ingredients including patchouli, sweet orange, pine and lemongrass, it definitely has a heady aroma that might not be to everyone’s taste (my mum hates it, but definitely agrees about the vintage aspect). It reminds me of a sort of incense-like fragrance that I can’t really place.


The bubble bars from Lush are my absolute favourite bathtime treat – crumble them under running bath water to create tons of lovely-smelling bubbles and turn the water a funky colour. These bars are often big enough to break up and use over several bathtimes, so the price for what you get isn’t as steep as it seems (and it’s totally worth it for bubble bath-addicts like myself).

The Karma Bubble Bar is a deep indigo-purple pyramid shape, with a bright orange layer running through it, topped with sparkling golden glitter – pretty psychadelic-looking. I broke about ⅓ of this off and placed it under a running bath tap until it was all gone – the water became this almost inky shade of purpley-blue and smelled really inviting (see below bubble-shot).


The bubbles from this bar weren’t as good as some of the other bubble bars I’ve had – my favourite is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon (read my Lush favourites post here). However the lavandin extracts mixed into the warm water, and the subtle shimmer made for one of the most relaxing bathtimes I’ve ever had – the bar contains mango butter too, to soften skin – I’m definitely looking forward to repurchasing this.

Karma is available from Lush online and in store, for £4.50 per bar.

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