Glossybox: January 2017 – The Edible Edit


New Year, New Me! Just kidding, I’m still makeup junkie trash. Spending less money on cosmetics was NOT on my list of resolutions (sorry bank account), and with that comes my continued subscription to Glossybox. This month is a special “Edible Edit” box – co-created with the help of the hilarious Deliciously Stella, a more realistic parody “guru” for those of us who cannot be bothered with quinoa. The products inside are all loosely food/natural beauty-themed, although I’m fairly sure none of them can actually be eaten. The box itself this month is a very pretty, deeper shade of pink than usual, and while I like it, I’m still pining for Birchbox’s zany offerings (the message on the inside of the lid made me laugh pretty hard too).


Anyway – without further ado, let’s jump into the unboxing and see what the Edible Edit holds…


Nip & Fab Soften Kale Fix Moisturiser

First up this month is a travel-size tube of this healthy-sounding moisturiser from Nip + Fab – a brand known for their effective mid-range skincare products, which usually have zany names (like Dragon’s Blood). Kale doesn’t immediately bring to mind skincare or hydration, so I was quite interested in how this would work (as far as kale goes, I’m not averse to the curly green vegetable – it’s quite nice steamed with some sweet chilli sauce FYI).

The texture of this is a thick cream, which spreads well although feels a little sticky to the touch. It does have a somewhat salad-y smell, probably added to by one of the other key ingredients – watercress. Also included in the formula is almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera, so it’s definitely more on the gentle and soothing side of things.


This cream isn’t really my cup of tea – I have fairly oily and acne-prone skin, so the lingering sticky feeling was not welcome and made my face feel kind of gross. I’d be tempted to use it on super-parched bits of skin like my forehead, but it’s definitely too heavy for day-to-day use – although anybody with sensitive skin in desperate need of hydration in the winter would probably benefit from this cream. It isn’t cheap, but it’s also not hideously expensive – the 50ml tube retails for £19.95, although Nip + Fab items are often on offer at Boots and Superdrug.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow in Matt Kumar

The Balm have the best packaging, no contest. The little vintage-inspired pictures are so much fun, and naming a whole range of eyeshadows after men (great use of the Matt/Matte pun) was a stroke of marketing genius. The Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette contains 9 shades of matte eyeshadow in a range of deeper and smokier colours than their Nude palette. Included in this month’s Glossybox is a mini-size single eyeshadow from the palette in the shade Matt Kumar – a warm, dark purple-wine colour with intense pigmentation and colour payoff.

You definitely have to be careful with shades like these – any dodgy blending or fall down will really show up, especially if you have ghostly pale skin like myself (this colour would certainly be better suited to deeper skin tones). However, the shade is pretty perfect for a more vampy or dramatic look for the evening. I was really impressed by the longwearing formula, which mostly resisted by oily eyelids – the blendability is also smooth, although there was a little fallout.

These shadows aren’t available for purchase individually, but the whole palette can be found here for £39.

Vitamasques Manuka Honey Sheet Masks

I love honey face masks – the peel-off one from Montagne Jeunesse is awesome, and my all-time favourite Mask of Magnaminty from Lush has honey in it. However, I really don’t like sheet masks. They never seem to fit my face or stay on, make loads of mess and leave behind loads of goo (also there’s the scary serial killer look you get). This one wasn’t really an exception, and was still a bit of a faff, but it did smell nice and feel hydrating but not too sticky. I’d like to have a go at making my own mask with honey (though maybe not Manuka since it costs a fortune), so maybe watch this space for an update on that. For sheet mask lovers, the good news is that these don’t cost an absolute fortune – £3.99 each, or four for £12.99.

Unani il-luminate milk cleanser

I was taken aback by the size of this bottle – subscription boxes don’t usually include full-size products this big, so I definitely feel like I’m getting my money’s worth this month. In this bottle is a cream cleanser from Unani, a Spanish brand I’m not familiar with. The formula is thick and does not foam up, with a lovely sweet scent that is almost floral and almost fruity at the same time. I’ve used this twice (in place of my current favourite, coconut oil), once on its own and once with the Konjac Sponge I mentioned earlier. By itself, massaged in with my hands, this felt really nice and gentle, and did a decent job of cleansing – my eye makeup didn’t all come off, but since that’s usually pretty stubborn, I didn’t mind. The cleanser didn’t leave any residue once I rinsed it off, which was another bonus.


With the sponge, the cleanser wasn’t as effective and sort of pushed my makeup around. I think the product would be ideal for a second cleanse, after I’ve taken off my makeup, to ensure its all gone without feeling too harsh or stripping. The price for this 200ml bottle varies online in different countries, but should be available for around the £15 price mark – good value for the size.

Spa To You Natural Konjac Sponge

Using a sponge to cleanse your face seems like an odd concept, but I’ve seen these natural sponges online for some time now, and everybody seems to rave about them. So, I was excited to finally try one when I opened up this month’s box. The sponge is a loose teardrop shape, with a little thread on it for hanging up (I think that’s what it’s for). The sponge is intended to be used wet with a foaming cleanser to provide an exfoliating cleanse and give skin a glow without being too harsh or damaging.


I first used this to try and take my makeup off with the Unani cleanser – this was completely unsuccessful, especially on the eyes. I switched to my Clinique Facial Soap for Oily Skin, which worked a little better, but still not amazingly. Apart from this, it definitely felt soft and pleasant on my face, and would probably be good just for a facial massage. These kinds of sponge definitely aren’t for taking off makeup – I would suggest doing this first (similarly to the milk cleanser), and then going in to get that extra level of cleansing with a gentler effect.

These keep (unopened) for up to 2 years, since the sponge is already dampened in the packet. Once used, they suggest replacing it every 8 to 10 weeks, but you could push that to 12 if you look after it properly – replacements are £6.99 each and easily available online. I’ll definitely keep trying this and keep an eye out for other cleansing sponge options in the future – they’re certainly an interesting and gentle step to add to a skincare routine.


While this month was less makeup-oriented, I really enjoyed the products inside – there was loads of fairly affordable skincare to have a crack at, as well as the pretty eyeshadow – but hopefully next month has more beauty bits that I’ll really use. I’ve also just joined the waiting list for their latest limited-edition box – this time around it’s a collaboration with mega-expensive cult beauty brand La Mer (eek!). If I manage to get my hands on one, expect to see a full unboxing and review posted here! As always, Glossybox UK is available here for £10 + £3.25 P&P per month.

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