Glossybox: March 2017

I know I say this every month, but it really is terrifying how quickly the year is flying by – we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year, and with that comes the Glossybox for March. This month isn’t really themed, apart from a fresh spring vibe (to go with the slightly warmer weather!), so there’s a real mix of products – with a good dose of skincare. I’ve been putting everything to use over the past week, so read on for an unboxing and full review.

Oolution Eye Love Eye Contour

I’ve only started using eye creams in the past few months, but now I can’t imagine my morning routine without it. It really helps smooth things out for concealer, so I was excited to find this tube amongst this month’s products. Oolution is a French brand that I’m completely unfamiliar with, so I didn’t have any ideas or expectations when I tried this out.


The cream comes in a squeezy tube with a small nib, so you don’t end up dispensing too much in one go. You also don’t need a lot of product – Oolution recommend a rice grain-sized amount between both eyes, which I found pretty spot on. A little really does go a long way with this, since the formula is highly smooth but lightweight and spreadable.

Overall, I thought this was a good all-round eye cream, however at £30 it definitely ranks as a high-end splurge, and something you might be able to replicate easily at the drugstore. However, supporting smaller and unknown brands is something I believe in, and I think Glossybox does a great job of picking things like this out and bringing them to the attention of the beauty community.

Got2B Styling Primer


My first reaction when I saw this: what even is this bottle? It kinda looks like a children’s drink, with all the bright colours and sports-style cap. However, this is definitely not something you’d want to drink – it’s a “styling primer” for your hair. Intended to be used prior to curling or straightening (or crimping, if that’s your jam), this lightweight serum-type product is supposed to keep your style in place and add texture. The formula is quite thin, with a slightly tacky feel to it and pleasant, salon-like scent. I’m not a huge user of hair products, especially anything heavy-duty, so I didn’t particularly like applying this. However, it does work well to give the hair grip without feeling too crunchy.

Aside for the hideous packaging, this is actually a really good product to have in your styling arsenal, especially for the price – it retails for £4.19 per 100ml bottle, at Boots or most large supermarkets. I’d recommend grabbing this if you struggle to keep a curl in place, or if your hair is just overly fine (mine is pretty bushy, so I probably won’t get much use from this).

Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette

A la Birchbox, subscribers were allowed to choose which shade of palette they wanted this month from Sleek. I’m a huge fan of Sleek’s powder products, including their eyeshadow palettes (the i-divine range has excellent pigmentation and the highlighter palettes are a new cult favourite) – their palette game is strong, and amazing value for money.


Out of the four palettes available, I went with this one for the unusual colour selection and interesting variety of shades. Included in the palette are four smaller pans of eyeshadow, and two large cheek powders. The palette itself is compact, in Sleek’s standard chic black packaging, with a full-size mirror and magnetic closure. Inside were a sponge applicator and tiny face brush – I threw these away, since they were rubbish.


The shade selection in this palette is mostly on the darker and warmer side, except for the lighter grey and striking white colours. The four different eyeshadows vary in colour, but there are definitely some interesting looks that could be created with different combinations. Three of the shades are completely matte – a bright white, medium cool grey and a darker, more taupe grey. The fourth eyeshadow is a shimmer with a really unusual colour – it’s a burgundy-brown with purple undertones and golden reflects throughout. The formula of these is up to the high standard expected from Sleek, applying smoothly and blending out to a soft finish (I’m loving a smoky light grey eye at the moment, so this palette was a total win this month).

The two larger pans in this palette are intended for use on the cheeks – the first is a muted coral blush, and the other a red-brown shimmer, likely for use as a bronzer. This second shade is definitely way too dark for me to use on my cheeks, so I’ll be putting it to use on my eyes as a pretty lid colour instead. The blusher is lovely – it’s not too pink or orange, rather a dusky in-between hybrid shade. Since these are so highly pigmented, you need a light hand to avoid looking like a clown, but the effect is lovely and would complement any of the eye looks from this palette.

Having both cheek and eye colours in one small palette is super convenient, especially for travelling – my mum’s already stolen this to keep in her handbag. These palettes are available in four different themes from Boots and Superdrug for £9.99 each, and definitely worth picking up even if you just want to try something new from the brand.

This Works In Transit Camera Close-up

This product claims to be quite a few things – mask, moisturiser and primer all in one. I’m usually suspicious about these claims, and for my skin type, I wouldn’t use a moisturising primer. This Works is a brand renowned for their effective aromatherapy and skincare solutions – I’ve only tried the Deep Sleep pillow spray so far (it’s awesome), so I’m not familiar with any of their beauty products. Other claims about this product include that it will reduce the appearance of redness and improve skin texture – the In Transit range is intended to provide handbag-friendly beauty solutions in a pinch.


The texture of the product itself is a lightweight but rich cream, with a lovely scent similar to orange blossom. The cream spreads easily, and only takes a small amount to cover the central parts of the face. It definitely feels hydrating on the skin, if slightly sticky (though that may be what you want in a primer). I wore this for several days under my foundation, but didn’t really enjoy how it felt – my skin is more on the oily and blemish-prone side, and I like my foundations full-coverage. So, using this under my Double Wear just made my face feel sort of heavy and tacky throughout the day.

I’d potentially use this as an overnight mask on any particularly dry patches, and I imagine this would be perfect for anybody struggling with with parched skin. However – it’s not cheap – This Works is a medium to high-end brand, and the full-size bottle of this will set you back £30.

Figs & Rouge Hydra-Activ Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream


Yay! Another moisturiser! I’m falling into a bit of a skincare addiction at the moment, so this Glossybox has actually been pretty good for me. This also fell into the category of creamy yet lightweight, so applied nicely onto my skin. The formula is stated to include hyaluronic acid and a host of vitamins, to help fight free-radicals and the signs of ageing (not one of my major concerns, tbh). Again, this cream was really nice, but I don’t think it was suited to my skin type – it didn’t combat any of my oiliness to help foundation longevity. It’d be ideal for someone with a drier or more mature complexion, and for anyone willing to invest in their skincare – the 50ml tube is £28.

Generally, this was a really varied Glossybox – covering all the bases for skin, hair and makeup, but with hits and misses for me personally. Next month will include a contour stick from ModelCo – fingers crossed that’s not too dark! As usual, Glossybox UK is available here for £10 per month + P&P.







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