Glossybox UK – April 2017


I’m posting this a little later in the month because it’s been a busy AF April for me, and I really wanted to road-test everything first (you know when work/life in general just sucks up all of your time – that’s me right now). Despite my currently hectic life, Glossybox continues to serve up a selection of exciting and interesting products to try, including THREE makeup items and something that might be familiar to readers of my previous blog posts on Birchbox…

Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner

Co-washing – washing your hair using only conditioner, no shampoo – has been a pretty big trend in the past few years. I haven’t actually tried it yet, since I’m prone to greasy roots and like to make sure any impurities are fully cleaned out of my hair.


This product from Elgon (an Italian brand that I’ve not used before) is designed specifically for co-washing by utilising the hydrating properties of a hair conditioner, while cleansing the hair as a shampoo would. The texture of this product is somewhere between a shampoo and conditioner – it’s an opaque creamy product, but not as thick as most traditional conditioners, with a very light floral scent. The formula is sulphate and artificial colour-free (always good if you have dry or fragile hair) – however this does limit how much the product will foam up.

Having never tried the whole co-wash thing I didn’t really know what to expect – it almost felt wrong washing my hair with the thick, textured conditioner. Despite this, it didn’t feel cloying or heavy, and rinsed out really easily without leaving a residue but leaving my hair feeling considerably more nourished. I think I could incorporate co-washing into my routine once a week, to add more moisture and counteract the stripping effects of other shampoos. The full size bottle of this product retails for £14.50, so it’s a mid to high-end item, although a safe bet for those wanting to try co-washing.

ModelCo Contour Stick

I’ve been mildly scared of this product, since Glossybox let us know last month that it would be coming in April’s box. I’m still steering clear of contour, having been unable to find a good shade to use in a powder formula – cream base products aren’t usually my thing as I have oily skin (saying that, ModelCo do some really great cream blushers and highlighters).


My fears were confirmed when I opened the box and swatched this – it is really dark and warm toned, pretty much everything I don’t want in a contour. The formula, on the other hand, is really creamy and blendable – in a convenient travel-size stick. I’m tempted to give this to a friend with a skin tone that’s a few shades deeper than my own (see ghostly picture of me below).

Alas, my quest for the perfect contour product must continue – if you think this stick would be a good match, it’s available to purchase here in the travel-size for £8.

SportFX Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil


Do you ever want to run away as soon as the word “sport” is mentioned? Yeah, me too. Another brand I haven’t tried, SportFX specialise in creating long-wearing makeup that won’t be instantly sweated off by gym-lovers (or in my case, someone with oily eyelids). This double-ended pencil is fairly unusual in that it has two mechanical twist-up ends in both a black and dark brown shade – most double eyeliners have contrasting colours. I’m not really one for coloured liner, however, so black and brown suit me just fine.


The pencil leads themselves are quite stiff, and the end is a little sharp at first – I recommend making it more blunt and softening it up on the back of the hand first. The colour payoff for these is quite good as well, although it’s definitely nowhere near the creamy intense gel effect you get with the Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil. The upside to this formula is that it really is long-lasting, and the precise point means you can easily tightline or do a wing if you want. £9.99 for what is effectively two liners isn’t much to sniff at either, although this is the only colour available – this (and other products from the brand) can actually be purchased here from Sports Direct, of all places.

Merci Handy Love and Hand Cleansing Gel


Look who it is! The timing for this really is perfect, as I’m just running out of my previous bottle of Merci Handy sanitiser – I got that in a Birchbox last year (find my review here), and it’s been excellent to keep in my drawer at work.

The other bottle was a sort of cherry/floral smell that reminded me of a nice soap – I hate those astringent-smelling hand gels (or anything cucumber-scented). This bottle contains a bright yellow gel, with little hydrating beads encapsulated within. This scent is unusual, and very different – I couldn’t find the hand gel in this scent online, but Merci Handy do offer a face mist in the same scent. Apparently, it contains Monoi Oil – created by infusing Tahitian gardenia petals in coconut oil (fancy) – which gives it the unusual floral scent.


These little hand gels are brilliant (even if they’re an odd thing to receive in a beauty box), as they don’t dry your hands out but leave them feeling soft and clean – unless I end up with another one from a subscription box, I’m so repurchasing this for my desk and handbag (their hand cream is also a win). The gel comes in a range of scents, and retails for £2.95 per 30ml bottle.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Ahh Rodial. I’ve seen so many lovely things online about this brand, but it’s a little out of my price range (especially for a mascara). Unfortunately, this is actually a pretty good product. The brush is on the larger side, with dense bristles packed around the wand. This helps to really coat the lashes and build a good amount of volume, although it doesn’t lengthen as well and can go a little clumpy. The downside to the massive brush is that it’s very easy to get mascara all over your eyelid (like I did), so you might have to do a little clean-up so your eyes don’t look like a smudgy mess.

The formula is quite gentle on the eyes, with beeswax for lash conditioning, and thus is pretty easy to remove too. Despite this, it doesn’t smudge or flake of throughout the day. The full-size tube of this mascara retails for £24, which is definitely up there in price. I have a love-hate affair with high-end mascaras, since there are so many awesome ones available at the drugstore (Maybelline Lash Sensational, Max Factor False Lash Effect etc.) – if you have the money to spend, then check out Rodial for sure, although there will almost certainly be a dupe for this kicking around at Boots.

I’ve definitely preferred this month to March’s box, since I’ll be getting use out of everything – except the contour stick, which I will try to give to loving home. Fingers crossed I can get next month’s Glossybox post out a bit earlier, no clue as to what the theme for May will be (although we have been told we’re getting some coffee body scrub…). As always, Glossybox UK is available here for £10 + P&P per month.

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