RCMA No-Color Powder

I mentioned this totally-cult product in my March Favourites, but there’s just so much to say about it that I’ve decided it deserves its very own blog post. A while back Beauty BayBeauty Bay (AKA where most of my money goes) announced they would be stocking this powder, along with a few other bits from RCMA – it’s a favourite in the beauty community, mentioned by countless bloggers & vloggers as a must-have. RCMA (Research Council of Makeup Artists) is a US brand beloved by MUAs for their cream concealer, foundation, contour and blush kits – consequently, the brand is tougher to get hold of here in the UK, with only a few retailers stocking the powder (hence the excitement when BB announced it!). It sold out not long after it went live, so I had to wait a couple months for a restock (boo) before panic-grabbing a bottle – Beauty Bay have limited it to one per person, so you can’t buy tons of backups.


The bottle/tub that this powder comes in has to be some of the worst packaging I’ve ever seen – it looks like it should contain spices or herbs, with the flimsy plastic and flip-up lid with holes to dispense the product. Totally copying my friend Lizzie (@elizabbath), I shook some of the powder into my now-empty NYX powder pot (another translucent setting powder, but not as good as this one) and use that to carry it. This definitely makes it easier to get  a brush in for application.


I can easily look past the packaging however, because the product quality is second-to-none. The name pretty much describes the product down to a T – it’s a completely colourless and translucent powder (despite appearing chalk-white in the bottle) for use all over the face, suited to all skin tones due to its undetectability. It won’t leave an ashy white cast on the skin, and there is no flashback with photography either. The powder is so finely milled, to the point where it feels like silk, and therefore doesn’t emphasise any texture or under-eye creasing. I use my Real Techniques setting brush to sweep and pat this under the eyes over my concealer, and on any places where I get oily – see: T-Zone, nose area, chin (the usual suspects…) – you can also bake with this, although I never feel the need/have the time to do that. While this isn’t a super-heavy-duty mattifying product, it still does a decent job of keeping oil at bay without that awful caked-on effect powder can give.


Possibly the most attractive thing about this powder is the price point – £12 for 3oz of product. I’ve only used maybe 2% (or less) of this bottle in a couple of months, so the value for money is truly incredible for such a beautiful and untraceable powder – it really is cult for a reason. the RCMA No-Color Powder (colour obviously spelled wrong) is currently in stock online at Beauty Bay here, so be sure to get your hands on it while you can – Beauty Bay also do free delivery over £15, which is just the best thing ever.

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