ColourPop Haul! + UK Shipping

Freaking finally! I have long coveted pretty much everything from ColourPop, but being a basic UK bitch the buying/shipping/customs has been a massive turn-off (I’m still praying they’ll bring it over here). Last month I got the long awaited email – “FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!” it read, and I basically screamed for about 5 minutes. I hopped on over to the website, and after a little research (and input from my sister) I had filled my virtual basket with some best-sellers, and some pieces that caught my eye.

Living in the UK, receiving my order wasn’t the easiest thing – I’ll go into some details on exactly what happened at the end of this post. But first, a massively excitable ramble about everything I bought from ColourPop…

Super Shock Blush in Aphrodisiac

One of ColourPop’s signature formulas is the Super Shock – a soft cream-to-powder that comes in eyeshadow, blush and highlight formulas. This particular shade is a mauve-berry-brown colour which I love – it’s subtle when first applied, but easily buildable with either the fingers or a brush. It does disrupt foundation a little bit, but since it’s not a full cream or liquid formula it doesn’t affect the base too much. This finish is powdery, although not completely matte as it has an ever-so-slight glow and dimension to it – since the pigmentation and shade is not insanely bright, it doesn’t have as much staying power as I would like. Despite this, it has been a wearable and versatile addition to my makeup collection, and I’d definitely be up for trying other colours in the range. Buy it here for $8.00 – about £6.27.


Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money


In the same Super Shock formula as the blush, this pale gold highlighter packs a shimmery punch while melting onto the skin to provide a softer glow that won’t emphasise texture too much. This shade in particular is flattering for pale complexions without being too cool or icy, although I would think it’d be suitable for a variety of skin tones. The formula is soft and not too glittery or chunky and blends out to a glowy finish, but it doesn’t quite melt in the way a classic cream highlighter does. Fingers are best for tapping this onto the cheekbones, as a brush won’t quite do it justice. I’ve been enjoying blending this on top of the Aphrodisiac blush to give a more seamless finish and natural look to the cheeks. As with the blush, this product retails for $8.00


Super Shock Eyeshadow in Sequin

Described as a “rose penny copper”, this is another one of ColourPop’s best-sellers, with the same buttery cream-to-powder formula as the blush and highlighter. I fell in love with this shadow as soon as I swatched it – the texture is incredibly soft, and the shade is stunningly rich and multidimensional (it’s a bit like wearing copper pennies on your eyes).To apply this, I took a flatter, more dense shading brush to get the most out of the soft formula and see the full impact. It is truly gorgeous and blended out like a dream, lasting longer than your average shimmer shadow. Next time I place an order – and there will be next time – I’ll for sure be getting more of these shadows, as they’re excellent value for money ($5.00, about £3.92) and just really, really beautiful.


Brow Colour in Bangin’ Brunette

I bought this for my (aforementioned) 16 year-old sister, who takes her Instagram brows very seriously (I personally prefer routine waxing, and then a pencil and gel for daily makeup). Dark, heavy pomades like this are not for me, but my sister really loves this – she’s slept and showered in her brows several times (really) and they still hold up. It’s a heavily pigmented “Creme-Gel” formula, so has to be carefully applied with an angled brush and a light hand – else you might risk giving yourself a monobrow. In addition to the excellent quality, the price point of this pomade is superb as I cannot think of a similar product priced under the drugstore/budget banner ($6.00 each).

Pressed Powder Shadow in Time Out

As well as the Super Shock eyeshadow formula, I wanted to try one of the pressed shadows, which are sold in individual pans (perfect for filling up my second My Kit Co. magnetic palette!) and come in a range of shades and finishes. I’ve really gotten into single-pan shadows recently, having bought two from NYX (Makeup Geek, you’re next), so I had to include one in this haul. Time Out is a duochrome peach-pink, softer and more traditional than the Super Shock. It gives a dreamy, summery appearance to the eyes and is perfect for an all-over subtle wash or to layer on top of a softly blended matte shadow (I imagine it would also make for a pretty highlighter). These single pans are $5.00 each, so it’s worth grabbing a few complementary colours and starting your own custom palette.


Lippie Stix Matte X in Sauce

These lipsticks come as a slim, twist-up product with a slanted tip – the Matte X variation provides an opaque and comfortable matte lip option, with a fully dried-down but velvety texture. ColourPop states that the formula is sulphate and paraben-free, and contains vitamin E, avocado and shea butter.


The lipstick went on very smoothly, and the size and shape of the bullet allows for more control and precision when applying, which is definitely necessary with such a bold colour. Sauce is a mauve that errs more on the grape-purple side, coming off darker on the lips than I imagined (ColourPop described it as a “dusty-rose”, which I find to be a bit off). It lasted a really long time through eating and drinking, however re-application is 100% necessary as this particular colour does not fade gracefully and will leave a line around the edge of the lips. This particular shade is definitely more suitable for the autumn-winter season, so I’m going to try tapping this in with a finger for a more subtle, stained look. Grab it here for $5.00.

Ultra Satin Lip in Chandelier


The satin variety of liquid lip that ColourPop offers is intended to be a midway point between matte and gloss – emollient and comfortable to wear, moderately long lasting, while not drying down completely. Out of all the lip products I hauled, this is my definite favourite – it’s super-pigmented and applied like a dream to give a flattering and opaque finish in one single coat.

Chandelier is a salmon-pink that comes off less orange and more rosy once applied. It’s a relatively bright shade, and more vivid that it appears in the tube, but absolutely perfect for summer. The wear time on this really surprised me, since it’s not a true matte lip. It lasted well through eating and drinking, and faded gracefully when it did come off. Out of all their products, I’d love to get more shades of this in particular (and there are a lot of shades) since it’s so easy to apply and wear – and at $6.00 each, they’re a total steal.

Ultra Matte Lip in Creeper


Switching lanes completely, this is a hugely bold and true-matte shade from ColourPop. The formula is far less comfortable than the satin edition, and you have to be incredibly careful with application, as the liquid is thin. It does dry down incredibly fast though and doesn’t budge. I would recommend using a lip liner with this, in particular with the brighter colours, as it bled around the edges.


Creeper (what a name) is a vivid, cool-toned red not dissimilar from MAC’s Ruby Woo. I love these kinds of red, as they flatter my pale colouring and ginger hair. It’s really beautiful, but nowhere near as wearable as Chandelier was. I found that it required a lot of checking and maintenance, as it tended to flake and roll off rather than just fading. Still, the pigmentation and opacity is brilliant, without any patchiness whatsoever. As with the satin lip, these retail for $6.00 each.

Ultra Glossy Lip in Finders Keepers and Fairy Floss

I’m not a massive lip gloss fan, mainly because they require a lot of maintenance, and my crazy hair tends to get stuck to my lips constantly. These shades are both light pinky-nudes, packing crazy amounts of pigmentation.

Finder’s Keepers in particular is completely opaque, with a non-shimmery and lacquer-like finish in a creamy mauve shade. It’s not completely stick-free, but adds a luscious plumped appearance and dimension to the lips


Fairy Floss has a more sheer finish, in a far paler beige tone. As a whole lip colour, it’s not really for me, but I can make it work as a topper or in the centre of the lips. My sister actually chose this colour, since she’s way more into her minimal nudes, and my natural lip colour is a darker rose tone – it does look very pretty on her, especially with the bold brows. These glosses are $6.00 each, as with the matte and satin lips (still mind-blowingly good value for money).


UK Shipping (the fun stuff)


Shipping products from the US to the UK is fairly simple, but it’s not without its financial perils. Americans don’t pay VAT, hence why the products are much cheaper (with the 20% addition, they’re still cracking value for money). If importing over a certain value, you have to pay this extra tax before delivery – Royal Mail typically hold the parcel at your local sort office and slip a lovely note through the door, with all the charges detailed. RM also add on an £8.00 handling fee, so my total charges came to roughly £20 (ouch). Still, the total price for what I got was reasonable, and the communication from ColourPop and process of tracking my order was really easy. If you’re prepared to absorb the charges, then I would definitely place an order next time there’s free international shipping.


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