Favourites – July 2017

In all honesty, I found it really hard to pick a solid set of favourites this month – in part, I think it’s because I love to mix it up and try loads of different things every day. On the flip side, I’m also super-loyal to a handful of items and like to use what I know will work, particularly with skincare (it’s important to stick to a routine for your skin and treat it gently). So, this month’s favourites may have been previously mentioned, or I might have written about similar products – regardless, these are all things that I’ve loved in July and will probably continue to love for the rest of the summer.

Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Coconut in Tantastic


I have never been a bronzer person since I’m ghostly pale and the warm, orange-toned powders that dominate the bronzer market have always intimidated me. This product, however, may have started a new obsession – it’s a properly expensive, limited edition bad boy from Marc Jacobs Beauty (who make some pretty rad stuff, it turns out). Everything about this is perfect for me – the shade is light and cool enough to complement my skin tone, it has a wonderful matte-satin finish that isn’t all sparkly but doesn’t err on the flat and muddy side, and it really does blend out just like a dream.


Aside from the product itself, the packaging is totally gorgeous and (possibly) worth having just to put on your vanity. The beautifully sleek but huge compact is very distinctive and there’s an equally massive mirror inside that’s perfect for travelling with – that, and it just makes you look super extra when you get it out. As far as ease of use goes, there’s barely any kickup or fall out with this bronzer, so your brush doesn’t end up grabbing too much product – as a consequence, it’s difficult to go overboard with this stuff.

After coveting this for ages and even trying it out at the counter in Harrods, I didn’t actually end up buying it for myself – my (totally awesome) boyfriend bought this for me as a 22nd birthday gift, so if you’ve got a birthday or special occasion coming up and don’t want to shell out £35 (plus shipping!) for this, then maybe suggest it as a cheeky present. Marc Jacobs also do another bronzer in this line, in a deeper and more orange shade called “Tantric”, although that one doesn’t have the lush coconut scent that this one does. As far as I know, Harrods is the only place that currently sells this specific bronzer in the UK – find it online here (and in store if you happen to be passing).

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop


There isn’t much to say about this highlighter that I haven’t already mentioned in the full review I posted here last week – still, I had to include it in my monthly favourites, because I’ve used it pretty much every day in July (and the pan is barely dented!). It’s a cult-favourite collaboration between BECCA and YouTuber Jaclyn Hill that dropped sometime a couple of years ago – this version that I picked up is a limited edition anniversary highlighter, with champagne-toned packaging and the cutest pan you’ve ever seen (aside from the weird smudge I put in it).


As well as just looking beautiful in your makeup collection, this also performs amazingly well on both the cheekbones and the eyelids, giving a stunning wash of shimmer that isn’t too warm or too cool, and will complement pretty much every skin tone. A little goes a very long way with this since it’s fairly intense – I like to apply a light dusting with a fan brush and build on that if needed.


Not sure how long the limited edition will be around for – you can find it here on Cult Beauty – however, the standard version is always on sale here if you’re just looking for the original packaging (but why would you want to?). Both retail for £32, but look out for discount codes and free shipping etc.

ColourPop Super Shock Blush in Aphrodisiac


More stuff for your face! I’ve been all about the base (lol) recently, and not really bothering with eyes much, preferring to create a perfectly bronzed and blushed complexion. This cheek colour, which I reviewed in a ColourPop haul that you can find here, is the perfect mauve-beige shade for anyone who prefers a low-key blush. I don’t think it would show up much on darker skin tones, but for me, it adds a lovely bit of dimension without making me look like a clown (the stiff cream-to-powder texture also makes it nearly impossible to slip and go crazy with the pigment).


While you can apply it with a sponge or fingers, I find that swirling a big fluffy blusher brush works well to give a more diffused and glowing finish and helps to layer and blend it in with my bronzer (RIP the cute pattern in the pan though). Were it more cool toned, I could probably use it as a contour, but the warmth makes it more suitable as a sculpting blush. Generally, I think this is an excellent summer shade, especially if you’re going for a no makeup-makeup look – plus it’s a bargain ($8), if you can get free shipping to the UK. Find it on ColourPop’s website here.


Garnier Naturals Fresh Aloe Toner


I mentioned the rose water edition of this toner in my May Favourites – that’s all used up now, so I’ve moved on to this aloe version from the same botanical/natural range. Supposedly better for oily and problematic skin, this is infused with aloe vera to soothe and cleanse without being too stripping. If you don’t like the scent of aloe, this won’t be for you – it’s pretty strong, but isn’t irritating at all. Like with the rose toner, all of the ingredients are listed and explained on the reverse of the bottle, stating that 96% of the ingredients have a natural origin. The other 4% include things like sodium hydroxide (to reduce acidity perhaps?), salicylic acid (love the stuff, can’t complain) and fragrance, which I don’t think they needed to add – I suppose that for drugstore brands like Garnier or L’Oreal, everything has to smell a certain way,


I’m a big fan of toners in general so I can see myself getting through this quite quickly (just like the rose one) – it doesn’t quite beat the Tea Tree Water from Lush for me, but it’s definitely one of the more gentle and nourishing toners that I have tried – pick it up here for £3.49 RRP.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Pump


It’s 2017! Why are companies still making foundations without a pump?! Estee Lauder Double Wear is one of those contributing to this problem – it’s a foundation loved by many (including myself – it is my all-time favourite, so I’ll probably/definitely be dedicating a post to it one day), but it only has a screw-on cap! You have to just pour it out, which is messy, tricky and incredibly wasteful if you slip with it – which I have on multiple occasions. While Estee Lauder hasn’t quite followed in Revlon’s footsteps (last year they switched out the Colorstay bottles for ones with a pump), they have provided a workaround – an EL-approved pump that fits the Double Wear bottle perfectly! As soon as I saw this, it went straight in my basket on the Estee Lauder website, and within days I finally had a pump for my favourite foundation (also EL have free shipping with no minimum spend, which is pretty rad).


The pump itself doesn’t have a lid but instead clicks on and off with a little plastic guard for the top (annoying, but I’ll take it). It doesn’t take long to get messy either, but I’m beyond the point of caring about that – I’m just so happy that I can finally control the amount of foundation that comes out of the bottle. So, this little pump is a firm July Favourite and will be promptly transferred to my next bottle of Double Wear once this one runs out. £5 might seem like a lot for a bit of plastic, but it has truly improved my life – well, my makeup life, which is basically the same thing.


I’m going away for two weeks until the end of August, so expect to see plenty of holiday-related favourites in next month’s post – I’ll still be using all of this month’s products (probably til I die/run out), but will try to see if I can get myself hooked on some new and interesting bits.

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