Boots Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm 97% Organic

As a recent convert to the skincare-junkie life, I’m still experimenting with different types of products and routines – I might even now have more skincare than makeup (!!). Something that I’ve settled on lately is using solid/balm cleansers – aside from coconut oil (which is brilliant for melting away a whole face of makeup), I’ve tried a couple of solid products as an alternative to creams or gels. I actually find them way less messy to use, and you don’t need as much product, since they melt down to a liquid in your hands. I also think that the oily and waxy textures of these balms do a great job of lifting makeup from the skin without overdrying or stripping it.


My most recent cleansing balm discovery is courtesy of Boots’ all-new revamped Botanics brand. My local Boots had a big display to celebrate the re-launch of the brand, which now has a more earthy vibe and minimalist packaging – the products are also in collaboration with the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, which is also rather cool and gives a more authentic feel to the products.

As someone with a youthful but very oily complexion, a lot of the range didn’t really stand out to me – this hot cloth cleanser (in balm form) jumped out straight away. I think the magic words “Rosehip Extract” stood out to me, since I’m big fan of The Ordinary’s cold-pressed oil for fading acne scars. The balm is also chock-full of other natural/organic ingredients, including:

  • Olive Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Bergamot Fruit Oil
  • Lemon Peel Oil
  • Beeswax (so not vegan-friendly)



This cleanser is definitely more on the thick and waxy side, so you’ll need a cloth or flannel to wash it off the face and get the full effect. It feels super nourishing on the skin – not stripping at all, so the face doesn’t feel overly tight afterwards. You can smell the lemon and bergamot in the formula, as it has a heady earl grey-like scent to it – nothing too strong or perfumed though.

I’ve been using this to take my makeup off as a first cleanse, and then following up with something else (L’Oreal Glow Scrub) to get any and all residue off. Of course, you could also use this balm as a secondary cleanser after micellar water etc. It does a lovely job of melting makeup off, although I find that I do have to work harder to take off mascara – it’s probably worth going in with a separate product for the eyes. This stuff doesn’t burn or tingle though, and just feels so luxurious and thick on the skin (which makes the chore of my evening routine way more enjoyable). You don’t need a massive amount either, because it melts in the warmth of the hands and can be easily spread all over the face.


For fans of thicker and balmier cleansers, I would totally recommend giving this one a try – the 70ml tub retails for £8.99 at full price, though Boots frequently have offers on across their skincare brands. I’m sucked into the brand now – next up, I definitely want to get my hands on the rosewater spritz and the facial oil (maybe I should use up the rest of my collection first though…).

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