Glossybox UK – October 2017

Glossybox have finally hopped on *that* train! This month’s box is a special limited edition, in which subscribers will receive one of two boxes – the Mermaid or the Unicorn, two mythical creatures that have basically taken over the internet (and the beauty world). The selection is completely random – turns out, I’m a mermaid (who knew)! Personally, I’m way more into black and brown than crazy bright or pastel shades, but I can totally appreciate the fun factor.

The box itself is a gorgeous purple-turquoise gradient design the unicorn box has more of a pink tone to it), with metallic text emblazoned across the front – the products inside are also supposed to be geared more towards the mermaid theme, so keep on reading to find out what being a mermaid is all about…

Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette

It’s a whole palette! Granted, it’s from Makeup Revolution – a super affordable brand, but they make really great quality eyeshadows for the price. In keeping with the box theme, this palette is filled with bright, shimmery shades (and a sparkly, super-opaque black for deepening any look). It’s totally not up my street – I love neutral and warm shades, since there’s enough colour in my ginger hair. Regardless, most of the shadows in this palette have amazing colour payoff and blendability, so I might have to use a couple on my inner corners or lower lash line.

There are a couple that run more chalky than the others, and some of the shimmers seem to be an overspray rather than a full sparkle (at this price point, though, it doesn’t matter). I can definitely see myself whacking this out for Halloween or a night out – if bright jewel tones are your thing, this palette is worth looking into (and if they’re not, Makeup Revolution offer loads of amazing and well-priced eyeshadow palettes for all tastes and colour-schemes). Pick up this one here for only £4 (!!!).

Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleansing Egg


So cute! So mermaid-y! I’ve been eyeing up one of these “brush-eggs” for a while now, because they look so convenient and quick to use – anything that encourages me to clean my brushes more often is definitely a good thing. The concept is simple – you lather up your brushes with a preferred cleanser, and use the ridges and texture on the egg’s surface to get the bristles scrubbed clear (the shape and design of this make it really easy to use in a hurry).


I already own a brush-cleaning tool, from Real Techniques – it’s a lot larger, and has a handle-thing that you can slip your hand into for a better grip. Personally, I found using the egg for cleaning a little trickier and not as thorough – mainly due to the size, and also because I kept getting soapy water inside the egg, causing my fingers to slip out. Despite this, the brush egg does work very well and is extremely cute and convenient if you want to clean your brushes on the go – I couldn’t find the website for this one in particular, but Glossybox state that it retails for £7.99. If you don’t have a brush cleaning tool, then I would definitely encourage you to go ahead and get something like this.

Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Blush in Gerbera

For someone who’s always after a matte look, I’m actually really into cream blushers and highlighters – you just get more of a natural glow with creamy, blendable products. This formula from Sleek is a highly pigmented cream that blends away to a powder finish – the packaging is a lush soft-rubber (definitely duping NARS here) with a mirror. The shade I ended up with is a bright orangey-red tone – Gerbera (like the flower). I had to be really careful when I applied this – gently tapping it on with a sponge to avoid clown cheeks. It is so pretty, though, and the powder finish gave it great longevity – I can definitely see myself using this to perk up a pasty winter makeup look. Pick one up here for £5.99 (there are six shades available).

Bang Beauty Cream Color in Dolce Pink


More cream blush! This product is also intended for use on the lips and eyes, but let’s be honest – I’m only ever gonna use this for a shimmery pink glow on the cheeks. I really love this packaging from Bang Beauty – a high-ish-end brand that I’ve not come across before – since it looks and feels chic and luxurious, with the glass pot and reflective lid.

The product itself is a sweet candy-pink shade with cool shimmer running through it, in a cream formula. It’s definitely not as punchy as the blush from Sleek, and has a more sheer, natural look to it. I liked the formula of this, since it was more forgiving and slippery, which made for easier blending. This little jar retails for £19.50 – a potentially steep price tag, but not if you can use it on the eyes, lips and cheeks for a monochromatic finish.

Lord & Berry MAGIC BROW Perfect Eye Brow Pencil in Brunette

I was really excited about this one – I love a good brow pencil, especially for refining the brow shape and bulking them out a bit (I have been blessed with crazy brows). Unfortunately, this deep brunette shade is just too dark for me, as I sadly found out last week – it was so tragic, I ended up wiping my brows off and starting again. I’ve also realised that automatic, twist-up pencils are more convenient to use, over these wooden ones that require sharpening.

Shade aside, the formula and texture of this were impressive – it felt creamy, but was stiff enough to get a precise line for definition. I’ll probably end up either giving this to my sister (who does not have ginger brows), or using it as an eyeliner. The proper version of this retails for £14, and has a spoolie (yay) on the other end of the pencil.

That’s it for Glossybox UK this month – I think this super-cool edition is probably a good note to end/suspend my subscription on. Glossybox is available here for £10 + P&P per month, and I think it’s been totally worth it over the past year or so. Watch this space for other subscriptions (and just makeup stuff in general).


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