Lush Haul – Christmas & Halloween

You know it’s definitely that time of year again when Lush bring out their seasonal goodies! I usually hold off, and try to pick up some bits in the post-Christmas sale, but this time around I couldn’t resist having a look at the newness (and the old favourites). There’s not much else to be said here, so read on for Lush goodness.

I’m Home Solid Perfume

I’ve spoken about solid perfumes on here before (see this post), and Lush honestly make the best ones. They revamped and expanded the line earlier this year, switching up the little tins for sturdier glass packaging, and adding loads of new fragrances to the collection. I spent a good 15 minutes sniffing and trying out different scents – not the easiest thing to do in a Lush store since everything stinks (in a good way) – and nearly ended up choosing Cardamom Coffee, a warm and spicy scent. That was until I smelled this one – I’m Home. It’s a blend of vanilla and cocoa that smells delicious and caramel-y (still not edible, sadly) while remaining warm and inviting. It’s a really perfect winter fragrance, and the little pot makes it perfect for popping in your handbag and retouching on the go. I strongly encourage you to go and smell all of their perfume before buying, as with any other scent – shop this one here for £9.

Butterbear Bath Bomb


This one shouldn’t come as a surprise – I grab at least one of these delightfully cute bear-shaped treats every year. Butterbear is actually just a limited edition version of their year-round product Butterball, which just looks like a standard bath bomb – this fizzer is packed with cocoa and ylang-ylang, as well as little chunks of moisturising cocoa butter that melt into the bathwater. It smells heavenly and relaxing – even if it’s a bit sad to see the bear dissolve…


Last year, Lush did a gift tin packed full of Butterbears – that doesn’t seem to be back this year, but there is a super cute Butterbear-themed knot wrap available. Pick the bath bomb up here for just £2.50.

Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb


Definitely a weird one – jelly bombs are a fairly new thing in the Lush repertoire, a ballistic that combines traditional fizziness with a weird jelly texture. The aptly-named Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb looks like a spooky concoction of purple and fluorescent green – the green bits provide the “jelly” – dissolving into the bath and turning the water into a gloopy luminous slime.

One of the girls in my local store showed me how this worked, and explained that the jelly parts are made from sea algae, which is also intended to moisturise (as well as look really cool). Other ingredients include grapefruit and tangerine oil, which both create the bright citrus scent that this bath bomb gives off. I don’t think this product will be everyone’s cup of tea – the jelly makes it kinda messy – but lovers of Halloween (especially children) will get a kick out of watching it fizz and go all gooey.  Find the Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb here for £4.95.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar


Bubble bars are, in my opinion, the best bath products from Lush – you can use them for a few different bathtimes (better value), and they’re so easy to just crumble under the water for gorgeous bubbles. My all-year-round recommendations would be the Rose Jam Bubbleroon and the Brightside bar, but this time I’ve got my hands on a Halloween one.

This gorgeous and glittery creation is supposed to look like a pumpkin (maybe a squished one), with a vibrant orange hue and little makeshift cinnamon stick stalk. Aside from how it looks, it doesn’t really smell very pumpkin-y – the main ingredients include oils of juniper berry, lime and grapefruit – again, it’s more of a fresh and fruity scent. You could easily use the whole bar in one go, but it will comfortably do for two (or even three) baths, creating lovely zingy bubbles. This year, there’s also a pink version, scented with florals and bergamot – pick up the standard orange edition here for £4.25.


The seasonal collections from Lush are always so impressive – I really love how they always manage to come out with innovative and creative products, both year-round and in the winter months. I’ll probably end up going back and restocking my Butterbear, and maybe picking up a Rose Jam shower gel or some of the other more Christmas-y bath bits – if you’re into Lush, I’d strongly suggest going into your local store and getting lost in all the delicious festive scents (if you haven’t already…).

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