Glossier Haul (+ UK Shipping!)

It had to be done – Glossier announced earlier this year that they would be starting to ship to the UK in late 2017 and of course, everyone promptly went mad. I must say, it’s taken me a long time to come around to the super-trendy and millennial-geared brand – their focus is definitely on glowy, dewy skin and minimal makeup. Since I am already the proud owner of a shiny, oily and blemish-prone face, the whole aesthetic didn’t do a lot for me – but, I’m really trying to embrace my skin at the moment and rock a more natural look.

To be honest, it was worth placing an order just to get one of the infamous pink bubble-wrap pouches – Glossier also threw in a welcome postcard, scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker and sticker sheet, as well as samples of the Milky Jelly Cleanser and their new fragrance Glossier You (more on that later). Overall, it felt like a really nice buying experience, especially with their cute and accessible website – my order despatch was actually delayed so the team sent over a £5 credit voucher (A+ customer service).

The best part (especially for UK customers) is that shipping is free over £25, and since the products ship out from a UK warehouse, there’s no surprise customs or delivery fees! Happy day. Anyway, keep reading for a rundown of what I picked up for my first Glossier order (I’m sure there’ll be more to come in the future)…

Milky Jelly Cleanser


This is (possibly) Glossier’s most popular skincare product –  a thick and gel-like cleanser that promises to hydrate and purify without being stripping. I am definitely guilty of being harsh on my skin, and I think when you struggle with grease and spots, the first reaction is to scrub and scrape at your face until it’s bone dry. I’ve realised that this is pretty counterintuitive and that compromising the skin’s moisture barrier does more harm than good – so, this gentle cleanser makes for a more soothing option.

The key ingredients in this cleanser include:

  • Poloxamer (cleansing agent)
  • Rosewater (this gives the product a gentle rosy scent)
  • Comfrey Root Extract (helps to heal)
  • Aquaxyl (provides hydration)
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 (moisturises)

Glossier advise using a few pumps of this if you want to remove makeup – it’s actually surprisingly effective for taking off mascara, as long as it’s not waterproof and unless you properly get it in your eyes, there’s no stinging or sensitivity (it’s certainly as gentle as Glossier promise).I really enjoy how it smells, but if you don’t like roses then it might not be your cup of tea.


If you’re a fan of a double cleanse, the Milky Jelly Cleanser works well as either step one or two, or even for a quick wash in the mornings. The £15 price tag puts it somewhere in the middling range, way more expensive than a drugstore cleanser – those with dry complexions who don’t mind investing in skincare will totally appreciate this (and the packaging is super chic).

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

Currently, Glossier only offer two face masks – the Moisturising Moon Mask (for drier skins) and the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack (geared towards oily faces such as my own). Both are in a tub/pot format, and are available separately or in a cash-saving duo – I went with the more detoxifying green mask, which has a clay base and includes phytonutrients, bitter orange peel, avocado oil, aloe and antioxidants.

These kinds of masks are my favourite, just like the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush, you can just slap it on and let it get to work.It’s a similar texture to the Lush mask, with a creamy clay consistency and little green bits throughout. The mask dries down on the skin nicely, in about 20-25 minutes, turning a lighter green colour. Even when dried, it doesn’t feel too tight on the skin – working to purify without over-dehydrating (that would be totally against Glosser’s ethos). The major downside to using this mask, and other masks like it, was how tricky it was to remove. Lots of bits clumped around my eyebrows, and admittedly, I made a huge mess in my bathroom trying to clean my face – I imagine that it would come off better in the shower…


The 89 ml pot of this mask retails for £18, not exactly Lush or drugstore pricing, but not crazy expensive – you don’t need to apply loads either, and the pot is fairly sizeable (not like those diddy Glamglow containers). For those with more parched skin, the Moon Mask might be a more suitable purchase, but the Greens Mask isn’t going to strip any moisture away.

Boy Brow in Brown


I’m pretty much just reeling off Glossier’s most popular products here, as the proprietor of two rather hairy eyebrows, I thought that Boy Brow would be a sensible thing to haul. Hailed as a do-it-all product, this tinted brow gel (it also comes in a clear variety) claims to shape, fill and fix brows into place without looking crispy.


I love how tiny the wand on this is – you have way more control over where the product is going, and it allows you to get a more precise result. It also has that perfect level of pigment, so it’s harder to end up with super-bold and clumpy eyebrows (unless that’s a look you wanna go for). I picked up the shade Brown, which is a good match for me – the only other shades are black and blonde, so those with more tonally unusual brows might struggle to find the right colour.


For a small brow gel, £15 is a high-end price point, especially when the drugstore is constantly upping their brow game. However, a little does go a very long way, and the quality of the product is incredibly good – Boy Brow contains natural waxes and nourishing acids and collagen derivative to help condition and strengthen the brows). If you like your eyebrows to have that chaotic-but-groomed vibe, this is probably a holy grail product. Fans of sharper, Instagram-ready brows will need a bit of extra help to carve them out.

Cloud Paint in Beam


A more recent addition to Glossier’s product line, Cloud Paints were introduced earlier this year, and instantly became everyone’s favourite on YouTube. First off, the packaging is quite possibly the cutest and most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. These liquid blushers look like actual tubes of paints, right down to the little hexagonal cap, with a colour that matches the blush tone (very cool-looking).


The formula of these is intended to be sheer and gel-like, giving a natural and healthy flush to the cheeks – Glossier also suggesting blending multiple shades of Cloud Paint to create a custom shade. I thought this would end up disturbing my foundation when applied to the cheek, but it actually layered on top really well and was so easy to blend and sheer out (so no harsh clown cheeks).


Beam, the shade that I bought, is a soft peachy orange – I love these kinds of colours, since they make a nice change from pink shades and add a little more warmth to the skin without looking too flushed. Even if you’re not into cream blush, I think you should still try these out – they sit so beautifully on the skin without any patchiness.

There are three other shades available – a light pink, a deep pink and a warm brown shade, all of which should be flattering for all skin tones. I’m going to pick up another colour with my next Glossier order – again, the price is reasonably up there (£15 for one tube, £25 for two) but everything in the product range does sit in that price bracket.

Birthday Balm Dotcom


Why is lip balm so addictive? I have an unhealthy stash of them, so naturally I decided to buy another one. Glossier’s Balm Dotcom is a thick and moisturising balm that comes in another cutesy tube. There’s an original plain version, but then there’s a bunch of different flavours/scents and tints (the Cherry one is tinged pink). I was immediately drawn to Birthday, which is clear with a fine shimmer running through the balm. The scent is really something else – it’s inspired by the Birthday Cake at Milk Bar, a cult NYC eaterie, and it totally does smell like a delicious vanilla cake. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you love those kind of sweet smells, you’ll like this.

It feels super luxurious on the lips, and lasts a good few hours – reapplying it is easy and brings the lovely scent back. If you can justify spending £10 on a lip balm (and I can, because I’m irrational), then look into trying one of these out – like with the Cloud Paints, Glossier offer a money-saving duo deal if you can’t decide which flavour.

So far, I’m impressed with what I’ve hauled from Glossier – the packaging and extra touches with the order make the whole buying experience enjoyable. I definitely think some of the items are a little overpriced, but the quantities are all good and the quality of the products doesn’t feel cheap at all. Even if you’re not onboard with the whole dewy and minimal makeup thing, there’s a few products that should still appeal – I can see myself getting a lot of use out of the Cloud Paint, even in the winter months. Shop Glossier here online.

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