The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

YouTuber and blogger collaborations are big in the beauty industry at the moment, and probably none are bigger than this one – the hotly anticipated and elusive eyeshadow palette created by Jaclyn Hill and Morphe. Previously, Jaclyn worked with Becca to create the Champagne Pop highlighter, which went on to become a huge cult product – this palette is destined to be no different. I’ve swatched the whole thing, row by row (that took about an hour and most of a pack of wipes), so read on for gratuitous eyeshadow shots and my full thoughts on the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette.

While the format is similar to Morphe’s other 35-pan palettes (which they’re probably best known for), there’s loads of differences. Firstly, the packaging – the Jaclyn Hill palette comes in a white-grey cardboard with a magnetic closure (…?), instead of the usual black plastic. I’m unsure whether this makes it feel cheaper or not, since I have loads of nice palettes made from cardboard, and Morphe’s plastic palettes don’t feel particularly luxe. The major downside to the packaging is the lack of a mirror – I really think a big palette like this one, which is priced at a high-end point, should have a nice mirror (then it would be totally perfect for trips away). Instead, there’s a message to JH’s subscribers, which is nice, but it’s not particularly useful.

This palette doesn’t completely stick to one colour theme like most of the previous ones from Morphe (I bought the 35O last Christmas for my sister – it’s all warm browns). Most of the JH palette is warm, but there’s a good few unusual bright shades and some cooler-toned shadows in there too. Luckily, I really like my warm eye looks, since they complement my colouring and are easy to work with – anyone who prefers a cool look might not get as much use out of this palette.

Another major point that both JH and Morphe have made with this palette is that the actual shadow quality and formula is superior compared to Morphe’s usual fare – I would have to agree with this (from my limited experience), as the matte shadows are incredibly smooth and blend out with minor patchiness or fallout. The shimmers are beautiful too, really soft and pigmented. Obviously, there’s variation within the shades but for the most part, the palette performs exceptionally well. I haven’t done any in-depth investigation on whether the formula is different to previous palettes, but the improvement is apparent as soon as you use the shadows.


Possibly the biggest difference with this palette is the price point – I picked this palette up for £37 plus shipping from Beauty Bay (the only UK stockist, as far as I’m aware). That’s pretty much the exact same price as an Urban Decay Naked palette, and nearly twice as much as a standard Morphe palette. That being said, you get nearly 3x as many shadows as you would in a UD palette, so for price per shadow, this one works out far better. Trying to get hold of it was borderline carnage – I ended up waiting in an online queue for over an hour and nearly gave up several times. Morphe had touted this as a limited-edition product but apparently, it is now going to be added to their permanent line ( a bit of a shady marketing tactic, if you ask me).

It’s hard to draw a solid conclusion on this palette – if you’re a die-hard Morphe or Jaclyn Hill fan, then you’re going to want to pick this up. Personally, I’m not fussed about either, but I don’t have a huge number of palettes in my collection so something as big and varied as this will come in handy – my absolute favourite shade is the yellow in the second row. It’s such an unusual shade that I would typically stay away from, and when paired with the more red shades you can create a stunning sunset-like eye. The shimmers in the top left are also perfect for creating a blinding inner-corner highlight.

It’s currently out of stock on Beauty Bay – find the link here – but keep an eye on their socials for notifications and news about restocks.

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