Empties #2

I’ve been a bit (a lot) better this time around, and remembered to keep hold of all my empties! I haven’t die-hard loved all of this stuff, but I’m desperately trying to use up products – especially skincare – before I buy any more (trying being the operative word here). Read on for a mix of skincare, makeup and random bits that I’ve finished over the past few months…



I’m a face mask fiend – I like to use one every evening, and I definitely prefer liquid/cream/clay masks over the sheet type (I just cant deal with those, they never fit my face properly) I’ve reached the end of three different masks recently – including a big pot of Mask of Magnaminty from Lush, which I’ve spoken about loads of time on here. It’s lovely and scrubby, and leaves your face feeling fresh and nourished. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one, once I’ve been through all the other masks in my collection (I can’t justify it otherwise…).


I also finally finished a Whitening Mask from Mario Badescu – at the time, this was a total splurge and spending £20 on a such a small tub seemed like madness. However, I genuinely cannot tell you how many applications I got out of this – I’ve lost count but it must have been going for at least six months with two or more uses a week. The mask is supposed to fade hyperpigmentation and lighten acne scars, and I think it worked really well! It does look scary AF when it’s on, but it dries down nicely and doesn’t tighten the skin too much.


The last mask that I polished off was another Pure Clay Detox Mask from L’Oreal – this is actually the second jar I’ve had, and it’s a good, standard all-around clay mask. It feels adequately purifying, although it is a pain to get off once it dried on the face – still, it is relatively inexpensive (£7.99, but there’s always offers on) and lasts for around ten applications, going a long way for the money.




I finished up two moisturisers – both are from Simple and are part of very similar ranges. First up is the Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser, which contains Zinc PCA to keep skin blemish and shine-free (apparently down to the cornstarch in the formula…). Alongside this, I also got through a tube of Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser – you can tell I really love my lightweight, oil-free day creams. This one also contains Zinc but has added chamomile to sooth (this adds a subtle fragrance to the cream). To be perfectly honest, both of these had a similar texture and gave the same feel to the skin – gently hydrated without looking or feeling greasy. I’ll probably repurchase whichever one I find in the shops first (once I’ve used all my other moisturisers, of course…).




I ended up with these two little gems from French brand Merci Handy, both of which have made it into my empties box, through different Glossyboxes and Birchboxes and have been keeping them in my drawer at work. The Cherie Cherry Hand Gel and Love + Hand Cream are a dynamic duo for soft and sanitised hands, and are a total essential if you work in an office like I do (they make the whole handcare and hygiene situation fun!), since there’s germs and bugs abound and the air con loves to dry my skin out.


Both products smelled amazing, and were filled with tiny moisturising beads – they felt like an absolute treat on the hands. I’ve got another Hand Gel on the go in a different scent and will probably try to get hold of a replacement next time I’m in London (I reckon my desk collection could do with a cuticle oil in the near future, too).


Lastly but definitely NOT least – I finished off another bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear. In case you didn’t know/don’t read my posts, ELDW is my all-time holy grail foundation – it’s a (mostly) good match for my ghost-face, it’s high coverage without looking cakey, and most importantly, it lasts (!!!). I’ve worn this stuff on some of the longest days ever, and it 100% holds up against the elements – it doesn’t remain completely matte, but any visible dewiness doesn’t result in a breakdown of the foundation or cause and transfer.


It’s great, and I will inevitably repurchase it (once I get through my 5000 other foundations).

So, that’s all of my beauty rubbish for the moment! There will be more to come in the future, as I chomp my way through my highly-hoarded skincare and bodycare collection, and desperately attempt to streamline things and make way for new (and exciting) purchases.

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