Ciate London – Chloe Morello Beauty Haul Vol. II

Yes, I’m a sucker for hype trains. Shape Tape, Glossier Fenty – all trends and trains that I’ve boarded in the past year (and all wild, excellent rides if I’m being honest). However, when it comes to blogger/vlogger collaborations, I’m a little pickier – I couldn’t resist Jaclyn Hill’s collabs with Becca (Champagne Pop) and Morphe (that amazing HUGE palette), but aside from that I remain mostly impervious.


One of my favourite people on YouTube (and I watch A LOT of videos) is Australian vlogger Chloe Morello. She’s gorgeous and hilarious and totally no-BS, which I really appreciate. In late 2016 I bought her collab palette and “Beauty Haul” with UK brand Ciate – I didn’t know they did makeup at the time, only their nail polishes for which they are renowned. This first palette was entrancing, right from the stunning packaging down to the perfect shade selection – fifteen pans of mattes and shimmers in two distinct warm brown and cool purple colour themes.


So, when I heard through the grapevine (Chloe’s YouTube) that Beauty Haul Vol. 2 was going to be a thing, I got properly excited. This palette would be even bigger, and full of interesting shades and textures. I’ve had some time to play with it since ordering, and I’m finding it to be super versatile – keep reading for my full thoughts and swatches of all twenty shades (along with the other products in the haul).

The first Chloe x Ciate palette has been one of my most-used products of the past year – owing to its simplicity and that fact that it’s chock-full of staple eyeshadow shades, However, despite its reliability, you could call it a bit tame.


Volume 2 is anything but tame – there doesn’t really appear to be a unified colour scheme, which I love, because variety is the spice of life, no? There’s 20 square pans, which all look to be the same size as those in the first palette, so obviously the palette is bigger as a whole. It’s still super slimline though, and the packaging looks and feels quality, even if it is cardboard. There’s also a giant mirror (unlike the JH x Morphe palette), so extra brownie points for that two – that combined with the diversity of colours and finishes makes it the perfect travelling companion.


I don’t think every shade in this palette is a hit – the mattes certainly all are, with a creamy texture and high levels of pigment (and a bit of kick-up), but a couple of the shimmers err more on the stiff side. That being said, none of them actually come close to being the world’s worst shadows and hen used wet or patted on with a finger, they’re highly workable. In total, there are 8 matte shades and 12 shimmer, with lots of options for base and transition colours, deeper crease shades and inner-corner highlights.

I sat down and swatched the whole thing in one sitting (and went through A LOT of makeup wipes – gotta love swatch sessions) – below are all the shades row-by-row from left to right. Please excuse my super awkward arms. I also really like the shade names Chloe chose – they’re a mix of the obvious (“Gold”) and more personal choices (“Mecha) – she introduces the palette and haul and explains all of the shade names in this video here.

(Top – Bottom) – Topless, Halo, Coco, Nini and Gold


(Top – Bottom) – Baby, Violet, Jelly Bean, Renegade and Morello Cherry


(Top – Bottom) – Pony, Platinum, Ellie, Mecha and Beauty


(Top – Bottom) – Rose Gold, Coffee, Marron, Soul and Chartreuse


What I really love about this palette is how much it takes me out of my comfort zone. Like I mentioned earlier, the original palette was filled with browns and bronzes – of which I must have about a million of. There’s some pretty and warm metallics in this one, too, but there’s also pinks, purples, greens and a silver (shock horror) – I steer clear of silvers, because they always look so cheap and unflattering on me, but this one is soft and pretty with less of steel tone to it.

I’m going to really enjoy using this one in 2018 – for both safe and reliable all-matte looks and the crazy pops of colour that I might be inclined to try out.

There’s three other products included in the Beauty Haul – while not quite as exciting as the palette, they are all pretty good (Ciate isn’t a cheap brand either – value for money here!).


I’ve come to the realisation that liquid eyeliner is not for me. It just doesn’t work with my hooded eyes, and to be honest, it’s too much effort and frustration (so cba). Still, this is a nice liner – smooth and richly pigmented with a fairly standard felt-tip nib (I’ve actually tried the Fierce Flicks once before, from a Birchbox).So while I probably won’t be getting much use out of, it’s a solidly good product and will pair well with any of the eye looks created with the palette.


I’ve also tried this product before – the first Beauty Haul came with a travel-size Wonderwand Mascara (which has probably dried up by now, lol). This mascara is right up my street – the wand is big and bristly (not for the faint-hearted). It gives a really good curl and boosts the volume of your lashes with just a couple of coats. The only downside to the formula is that it doesn’t quite last as long as say, my L’Oreal Paradise Extatic, as there’s minimal flaking. Overall, it’s a good little mascara to have on hand.


The first Beauty Haul came with a mini Liquid Velvet Lipstick just like this one, but in a deep mauve-y pink shade called Pin Up. This time, it’s a shade custom-designed by Chloe herself, named Sydney in honour of her hometown. Sydney is much brighter and more wearable than Pin Up, with a more coral-peach tone to it (not quite your-lips-but-better, but subtle enough for daytime wear). The formula is interesting – very thick and plush, sort of like the NYX Liquid Suedes, but it does dry down fully matte and stays put really well. Not the most comfortable, but definitely not the most drying formula out there.


Overall, I’m really pleased with Volume 2 of the “Beauty Haul” – I don’t think it’s as much of a solid mainstay palette as the first one was, but as I mentioned earlier this one allows for more flexibility and variety when it comes to both subtle and bold looks. I managed to pick mine up directly from Ciate in their Black Friday sale – RRP is £45 excluding shipping, but it’s currently on half price here for £22.50 (bargain!).

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