A Half-Full Face of Glossier?

I’m talking about Glossier again! Somebody, please take my keyboard away from me. Summer is (hopefully) right around the corner, just in time for me to embrace the minimal makeup trend – finally. Tearing myself away from heavy, full coverage foundations and perfected matte looks has been so hard, especially when I have to go to work every day and don’t live in a tropical climate (AND my skin is nowhere near perfect). Regardless, I’m still striving for the low-maintenance vibe and massively reduced getting-ready time – which is where Glossier fits in so perfectly.

I’ve amassed a decent little collection of their stuff, bar a few key bits (see: Lidstars, and the literally-just-released Lash Slick Mascara), so I wanted to do a full face of Glossier and give you the low-down on how to make their products work, even if you’re not as flawlessly cool as all their advertising (and a huge dork like me).

Complexion – Skin Tint & Concealer

Skipping over moisturiser (I don’t have either of Glossier’s hydrating offerings, so not focussing on skincare here), I have two of the three base products available – the Stretch Concealer and the Perfecting Skin Tint. Both are super-sheer, dewy and limited in shade range, supposedly due to the lack of coverage, as it means the products will adapt to skin tones – I’m not sure about this (there’s always room for more inclusivity).


These two couldn’t be farther from what I know/love but I actually really enjoy them! The Skin Tint is so ridiculously light in finish, but it just gives the skin a little something that evens things out and lifts the complexion while letting blemishes and freckles peek through. Glossier suggests using your hands and fingers to apply this, but I get weird about that so use a sponge instead. If you’re like me, you won’t want to wear this alone – concealer is essential for the heavy-lifting of covering undereyes, redness and spots. I make sure to add something sturdy around the nose and chin, and on any horrid cystic bumps that my face might be hosting – it’s still natural, but slightly more perfect. The Skin Tint isn’t going to keep oil at bay, but since there’s so little coverage, there isn’t really anything to cake up or transfer – it’s a foolproof and flexible base.


I’ve enjoyed the concealer maybe a little less – probably because the tone (I have Light – the palest shade) is a touch too deep and warm for me. Nevertheless, I can make it work. Called the Stretch Concealer for its elastic texture and properties, it’s a smooth and sheer formula that applies best with the fingertips and goes on so easily under the eyes and around the face. Strangely, I don’t like to layer it over any foundations, finding that it sits better underneath and doesn’t shift as much (it also works well alone). Warning – this isn’t great for blemishes. It just doesn’t quite pack enough of a punch to conceal anything major and doesn’t have that corrective, matte finish. Despite this, I really appreciate the ease of use – I think it’ll be perfect for lazy summer days.


Cheeks – Cloud Paint

Ok, so we need to talk about the Cloud Paints. If you’ve heard anything about Glossier, then you’ll know that these liquid cheek colours are a stand-out and much-loved product – and with very good reason. Yes, the packaging is glorious – perfect little tubes that look like they belong on the shelves of an art store, but the formula inside is next-level brilliant. I’ve got two of the four shades – Puff (light pink) and Beam (peachy-nude) – and Glossier suggest mixing and playing with the colours, just like real paint. I struggle to describe how lovely this product is, it’s just so natural but buildable and it GLOWS.


I squeeze a bit of Cloud Paint onto the back of my hand (carefully though, as it comes out quick and you don’t need a lot) and then tap it onto the cheeks with my fingertips – finishing the blend job with a sponge or a brush. The product just melts into the skin and gives the most gloriously angelic flush. If you want to, you can easily add more and layer powder blushes on top for extra intensity.

I’ve yet to try the Haloscope highlighter, but looking at everyone’s reviews and photos, it’s right at the top of my Glossier shopping list.

Boy Brow(s)

The internet can’t sing Boy Brow’s praises enough, and neither can I. Yes, I am blessed with naturally thick (and tough to control) brows that only require a bit of pencil for evenness, but I truly believe that this product is perfect for instantly adding texture and fluffing the brow hairs, while keeping them exactly where they belong. If you prefer a clear gel, there is a transparent option, but the tinted versions are great on their own to build and fill the brows, and so quick to use. The wand is brilliantly tiny (I have no time for giant brow wands, they’re ridiculous) and while the formula is a little liquidy at first, like all good gels it dries out a bit and becomes easier to handle. I have the shade Brown, which is neutral and probably flattering for many different colourings.


(Birthday) Balm Dot Com

Hmm. I adore the smell of this – it’s a mouthwatering vanilla cake scent inspired by the birthday treats at New York’s Milk Bar. I also really love the shimmery finish, which isn’t chunky but adds a fun and pretty sparkle to the lips. However, I don’t think that I’m a fan of the Balm Dot Com formula – it just didn’t do my lips any favours, and was neither comforting nor nourishing. I’m not sure what ingredient was putting me off, but my lips didn’t feel 100% while using this, and they were a bit irritated. Sad times. I don’t love the packaging either – I don’t hate it, but I just prefer solid lips balms that come in a less messy twist-up tube (like my beloved Burt’s Bees).

Also on my shopping list – at least one of the Generation G lipsticks. Some people love them, some people don’t, but they sound totally up my street.

I think that’s all the Glossier makeup I have – I know that it’s not quite a full face, and honestly writing this post has made me want to go on a spree to pick up everything else that I don’t have. I’d (obviously) like to see them do something with a bit more coverage, but I totally get that their vibe doesn’t really allow that. That being said, using these bits from Glossier has inspired me to embrace the lighter look – they’re the perfect products for creating that no-makeup ~Glossier~ look.

Another thing I wanted to mention was the prices – these all sit at weird price points, and while some of them make sense (the Skin Tint is £20) others are a bit odd (Balm Dot Com is £10 –  a lot for lip balm). The overall situation is that Glossier falls somewhere between drugstore and high-end, but I don’t mind spending a bit extra on things I can guarantee I’ll use on a daily basis. All of these aren’t intimidating at all, and actually super convenient and versatile. And yes, I’m still a sucker for the millennial-pink packaging and marketing.

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