Makeup I didn’t like…

I talk a lot about things that I like and love on here, which makes sense – when you find something truly great, you want to shout about it, right? However, sometimes I try a product that I just straight-up hate. Like, maybe it’s utter crap or maybe just not for me – it’s a negative experience regardless. So, I decided to round up said beauty fails into one post before I chuck them out (or give them away) for good.


So, I’m pretty scared of bronzer anyway, and it’s taken me a long time to find something that works, that I trust (props to the Marc Jacobs one) because I’m crazy pale with red hair. Sadly, this product very nearly shattered my newfound love of bronzer – I got it in a Glossybox last year, and it looked super cool at first, with a leopard print pattern in the pan. This didn’t translate well onto the face, where it was dark, streaky and virtually unblendable. I tapped the brush off thoroughly and still ended up with a horrific orange-brown patch on my face. The packaging was also a major letdown – it felt super cheap, and there was no mirror (unacceptable!).


The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

Such a disappointment! I got majorly swept up in the hype around these foundations from The Ordinary and ended up buying four – two Coverage and two Serum. Yes, it was only about £20 total, but I really regret my actions because the Coverage foundation sucks. I’ve tried it a good few times and it looked so cakey on my skin, emphasising all the texture and pores. It blended out patchily and broke down so fast as the day went on. Luckily, all was not completely lost as I really enjoy using the Serum version (two out of four ain’t bad).

Lush Jackie Oates Colour Supplement

I hate a lot of foundations, and this one is no exception. I’m not really sure what I was thinking – firstly, I’ve had this little jar forever and it’s totally expired (so it’s getting chucked regardless). But that’s ok because I hated the actual product so much! I think at the time I was after an affordable, natural base for that no-makeup-makeup look, but it was a massive fail. The shade was super yellow-toned, and while it smelled nice (like oats!), it applied so badly I had to wipe it off. It didn’t blend and settled into odd-looking patches on my skin, pilling up any time I tried to adjust it. Never again.


Bang Beauty Cream Colour in Dolce Pink

Another Glossybox fail – I love cream blushes and highlighters, and it took me a really long time to find one that sucked. I did it, though – this one from Bang Beauty is so offensively bright and shimmery that it just doesn’t scream “healthy flush” to me. Also, the formula struck me as a more of a balm than a cream colour, feeling greasy and hard to blend on the cheeks.

L.A. Girl PRO.conceal HD High Definition Concealer in Green


I really liked the standard flesh-toned version of this product – my (now rather old) full review can be found here, raving about how nice it is for the price. So, I wanted to see if the colour-correctors from the same range could match up (I’m very prone to redness in my skin, so green seemed like the best tone to try out). Sadly, it wasn’t anywhere near as good – the shade was quite odd, a sort of opaque medium-deep green that didn’t appear to brighten at all. I also found it hard to blend away into something that could be covered with a normal amount of foundation. My relationship with colour-correcting isn’t great anyway, although trying out the Cicapair Re-Cover from Dr Jart has proven that a slight bit of green in your base product can work wonders.


MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in C1

My thought process when ordering this sample:

Me: I love love love the Glossier Skin Tint, are there any dupes?

Internet: Yes! MAC Face + Body is similar, and better value!

Me: *furiously clicks “Order”*

I can now confirm that the two products are most definitely not the same. I picked up the shade C1, which appeared to be the palest one offered for this product – C1 turned out to be too dark and warm, and didn’t adapt to my skin tone the same way Glossier’s base does. Face + Body went on very well and looked lovely upon application, but before long I was a total greasy, melty mess (which felt gross, not cute).

ModelCo Mini Contour Stick

I don’t understand why so many contour shades fall somewhere between tangerine and satsuma. Contour is supposed to mimic shadows and sculpt the face, and thus looks far better when cool-toned. This is my main issue with this product which, yet again, came from a Glossybox – I would obviously never choose this shade for myself. Apart from the colour being the biggest miss you could imagine, this also didn’t blend out as well as it could have – it just wasn’t quite smooth and creamy enough to get that seamless shadow under the cheekbones, and ended up looking muddy.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Brown

This eyeliner is supposedly quite popular in online circles, so since I don’t get on with liquid eyeliner in general, I decided to give this a go to see if it could help me to do a cat-eye that wasn’t total garbage. This was not the case.

The nib applicator is fairly rigid and quite thick, so it was tough to lay down on the eyelid in an even, precise line (bear in mind that I’m the least co-ordinated individual ever). The formula wasn’t too bad, although it’s thin and liquid-y texture combined with the dodgy applicator made for a messy experience – not a Fast Stroke at all. I think at this point, I’ll just steer clear of eyeliner altogether.

Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorn Palette

I want to preface this by saying that Makeup Revolution have loads of incredible, affordable and high-quality eyeshadow palettes in their line-up. This, however, is not one of them.


I received this in the Unicorn vs Mermaid edition of Glossybox (why won’t those goddamn trends just die?), and the colours definitely fit with that theme. I wouldn’t dare to wear an eye look with such bright and vivid shades anyway, but if I was ever going to, I’d at least want the eyeshadows I was using to be buttery, pigmented and blendable – unlike this palette. I found the colours to be quite scratchy and chalky, and just not packing the punch you need to create those daring looks. Definitely chucking this one.


…annnd exhale. That was sort of cathartic actually! I spend most of my time and energy focused on things that I love and hate to bash too much or be overly negative, but honesty is so important – and I honestly hated all of these products. Turns out that you can’t like everything you try.

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