Skincare Favourites – Summer 2018

What I’ve stopped spending on foundations this year, I’ve probably made up for on the skincare front (having reached that post-makeup level of the beauty junkie trajectory). Trying out a “No-Buy July” and preventing myself from splurging constantly has given me a newfound appreciation for the products that were already sitting in my arsenal, and has pushed me to get on and use up what I’ve got sitting around. With that in mind, I’ve composed a super-short list of all my current skincare faves – things I’m loving from my stash that are getting me through the warmer weather and helping to give me the confidence to go foundation-free.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask


I picked up this deluxe-sized sample in last year’s Estée Lauder Companies summer bag, and just never had the guts to use it. I have supremely oily skin, and so slathering something really rich on my face did not appeal and sounded like a breakout waiting to happen. However, I’ve come to realise that while my skin does produce loads of oil, it can still get dehydrated and dried-out – which is really evident after I shower, and my skin feels tight and flaky. I noticed a huge dry patch on my neck the other evening, so decided to crack the Origins mask out – it turned out to be lovely to apply (it smelled like apricots!) and had sorted the dryness by the morning. I’ve been putting this on any super-parched areas of my face and although it’s a bit greasy, my skin really does drink it up and thank me for it – I can totally understand why everyone raves about this now.

Acnecide Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

Sometimes you just have to get out the proper stuff. I’ve mentioned this product before, and it’s something that always lives in my skincare collection – I was actually prescribed it once for my acne but now end up just getting it over the counter. For me, BP is one of the only things that actually tackles my acne, especially the really awful cystic bumps I can get across my jawline. It’s not for the faint-hearted though, and is incredibly drying for the skin – I either apply a small amount to localised areas (directly on blemishes) or mixed in 50/50  with a light moisturiser – this way you can distribute it all over the skin with a more diluted effect (thanks Wayne Goss for that tip!).

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack


Masks are my all-time favourite skincare products – there’s just so many different types, and masking for me is part of a self-indulgent pamper routine that I do most evenings (all about the self-care, baby). I like to alternate between masks to get some variety, but this clay-based one from Glossier has been my recent go-to for something easy – you can smear it on with your fingers, it’s not too harsh or extreme, and can be removed really easily with a damp cloth. I also love that it feels purifying and cleansing without stripping out all your skin’s moisture, leaving the face feeling soft and toned after usage. I’ve nearly reached the bottom of this tub, and will probably repurchase it at some point – but not until I’ve tried out and used up all the masks on my skincare wishlist.

The Body Shop Rose Gel Toner


A little while back, I dedicated a whole blog post to this gem from The Body Shop, and how it might be a dupe for the popular (and super-pricey) rose toner from Fresh. Dupe or not, I’ve loved using this product to tone first thing in the morning, and get all the overnight grime off and prep my skin for moisturiser, as well as in the evening before I use any actives. The unique gel texture is peppered with rose petals and lends itself to being super refreshing and hydrating on the skin. This means that it does leave a kind of residue behind, but I enjoy how it almost acts like an extra layer of moisturiser unlike traditional toners, which don’t spend a lot of time on the skin. I’ve been using a decent amount of this on a daily basis for the past couple of months and still have loads left – so it’s a really excellent value product for the money.


I’ve actually pared my whole routine back quite a lot to give my skin a breather and let it recover from all the actives I usually use. I still need to figure out and work up to a regimen that’s really going to help and target my skin without being too harsh – and once my “No-Buy July” is over I think I’ll continue to hold off on the skincare-buying front to give me a chance to get through the rest of my stash and discover some more favourites.



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