Hi there!

I’m India (India Kate technically, hence the blog name), a 22 year-old UK-based beauty blogger. I’ve always worn makeup throughout my teenage years, but really started to get obsessed in 2013 – coincidentally, this was when I started university. A couple of years ago I decided to try and turn this obsession into something a bit more productive, and thus my blog was born.


Having completed a science degree, I try to come from a more analytical perspective with my reviews, and I really like to road-test things properly before forming an opinion. I have a tough time with skincare and foundation in particular, since:

  • I have very oily skin
  • I suffer from cystic acne (due to PCOS – super fun times!)
  • I’m extremely pale – MAC NC15 is wayyy too dark for me
  • I have red/ginger/strawberry blonde hair, so there’s a lot of colours and tones that sadly don’t work for me

Complaining aside, I really love makeup and the creative freedom it gives to people, and I think it’s an incredibly powerful tool for personal expression. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading my reviews, and see if anything sounds like it could be for you (or not!).

Feedback and comments are always welcome – I’m still fairly new to this blogging thing, and trying to maintain it on top of a full time job can be tricky, but it’s something I truly enjoy and I hope that you do too.

India Fisher

Instagram: @indiekateleft

Twitter: @indiekateleft