Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

Mascara is that one essential product that always runs out/dries up super fast. SO, I don’t feel as terrible buying a new one (or three) to try out 😃.

The drugstore are throwing new mascaras at us left, right and centre – they don’t always stick and cause mass hype, but every few months one does the rounds on YouTube and Instagram and I usually decide to pick it up. I don’t know if I’ve shared this ethos before, but I truly believe that high-end mascaras are a waste of money – the drugstore does them so well, and for something that won’t last anywhere near as long as other makeup products, spending £20 seems ridiculous. No shade on luxury mascara (Too Faced’s Better Than Sex IS a great product), but I’d much rather grab something for £7.99 and use it to death.

If you say “drugstore mascara” my mind immediately jumps to Maybelline – from the iconic Great Lash (which admittedly isn’t my bag) to my beloved favourites Lash Sensational and Colossal Big Shot, Maybelline has an incredible array of options for everyone. So, when their new launch – Total Temptation – hit the Insta pages and YT channels of various beauty lovers, I knew I had to try it.

Total Temptation (part of a small collection that includes an eyeshadow palette and a brow pencil) comes in an unusually-shaped black and pink tube that goes for a sort of retro-chic vibe – I quite like it, and the wand feels nice to hold. Definitely Instagram-friendly.

The wand is totally up my street – big and bristly, and a little bit messy. I do like more solid plastic wands (the aforementioned Lash Sensational has one), but is there anything better than wiggling a hedgehog-like wand loaded with mascara all over your lashes? For me, they give the best dramatic but natural effects without worrying about the precision.

One of Maybelline’s major claims with the formula is that it will leave the lashes conditioned, as it’s enriched with coconut – I didn’t really see this with my lashes, and the mascara doesn’t smell anything like coconut (it does have a pleasant sweet fragrance though). On their website, Maybelline say that the “creamy and whipped formula” should leave the lashes “soft, separated and full”. I definitely found that this gives a softer and more realistic look than previous Maybelline offerings.

It’s not the craziest mascara I’ve ever tried, and it doesn’t produce those clumpy 60’s lashes, or super thin and spidery ones. Instead, it’s a happy medium – when combined with a good lash curler, Total Temptation is perfect for volumised and fluttery everyday lashes (and it’s not a complete b*tch to remove). Available at Boots and Superdrug now, RRP £8.99.

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