L’Oreal Life’s A Peach Blush

I would call this a review, but it’s probably just going to be a full-on rave.

Sometimes you see a new product on the shelves, and you know, you HAVE to have it – that’s me with this blusher (and the drugstore price point makes it 5000x more appealing). The Life’s A Peach blush powder from L’Oreal suckered me in instantly, from the moment we locked eyes on the promotional stand in Boots (love at first sight??) – I swear these makeup companies know my every weakness.


Firstly – I love blush. It’s just the best, coming in so many different colours and finishes to transform any look and really lift the face – which I need, being such a crazy pale person. I’m definitely digging more brown-nude and peach tones as we move into summer, over the pinkier blushes I’ve used previously.

Secondly – PEACHES. Hot off Too Faced’s whole peach situation (which I have none of, because I fell out of love with TF a while ago…), L’Oreal are really capitalising on a gap in the market for lower-end products that smell like delicious food. Not only is this launch (part of a wide natural glow-type range) peachy in the tone, and embossed in the pan with a super-cute peach pattern, but it’s also mega-scented. PEACH SCENTED (I cannot stress this enough, the fragrance is so strong!). Like, close your eyes, take a deep sniff, and it’s basically Lipton Iced Tea. So refreshing.


Of course, if you’re not a fan of heavy scents in cosmetics then it goes without saying that this isn’t the one for you. That’s not me – I can’t get enough of tasty fruit-scented makeup.

Aside from the scent and major cuteness factor, the formula of this blush is so good – luminous and natural, but also punchy and bright. I like to swirl my brush in the pan, tap a bit off and go hard on the apples of my cheeks for that peachy, radiant flush. There’s no shimmer, but the powder is so finely milled and smooth that it just glows, adding beautiful (and not too overdone) dimension to the skin. The brilliant thing about shades like these is that they’re buildable and versatile and work on so many skin tones – depending on how you apply them (varying the intensity).


This compact (which is sizeable) has a hidden second layer with a mirror (yay!) and a useless and scratchy little brush (boo!), so it makes a fabulous travel companion. All this goodness for only £8.99! Definitely keep an eye out for offers – 3 for 2, free gift etc. If you love blush, like me, and you LOVE peaches, then go and give this a swatch next time you’re in a Boots or a Superdrug.


Told you this would be a rave – if L’Oreal don’t make this permanent, I’m gonna be mad.

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