Lush Favourites

As far as shopping goes, I feel like the majority of my time (and money) is spent in Lush. There’s just something so enticing about the smells, colours and friendly (albeit slightly overbearing) staff. I’m not a vegan, but the whole all-natural thing does appeal to me – especially when it comes to haircare, body products and skincare. I feel like I put enough stuff on my skin anyway, so if I can use products that aren’t as harsh, then that might be better. Also, I love a good bath – bubbles and all, and Lush have some fantastic bits and bobs for bathtime. Below are my current favourites of all the Lush products I’ve used:

Eau Roma Water Toner

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Described as “kind aromatherapy water”, this stuff is a floral-scented gentle toner that’s perfect for boosting your skin’s hydration in the morning or taking off any leftover makeup in the evening. It contains lavender and rose water, so has a lovely soothing effect perfect for sensitive skin. I discovered this fairly recently whilst looking for a toner that wasn’t harsh and drying, and it’s been absolutely brilliant (and it smells amazing). The toner comes in a 100g bottle for £4.50 or a 250g bottle for £8.50.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

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The Rose Jam scent from Lush is my absolute favourite – the shower gel is only available at Christmas, but this awesome macaron-shaped bubble bar is in stores all year round. Each “bubbleroon” is good for two baths as you can break the top from the bottom. Crumble it under the running water and voila – you have a gorgeous pink, rose-scented bubble bath. Also, the added cocoa and shea butter leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft – I tried the bubbleroon in the Green scent as well, but I definitely prefer Rose Jam. These bubble bars are £3.75 each.


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This is my favourite bath bomb (from the ones that I’ve tried). Butterball is the round version that’s available all year long. At Christmas, Lush release a bear-shaped version called Butterbear (see the picture above). This one is thrown into the bath once it has run, and fizzes about until it dissolves. It tints the water a light milky colour and releases little chunks of cocoa butter that melt into the water – perfect for soft skin. The scent is a gentle ylang ylang and makes this bath bomb really lovely and soothing. Butterball is £2.65 per bath bomb.

Mask of Magnaminty (Self-Preserving)

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Out of all the face masks I’ve tried from Lush, this is my choice. It comes in two versions – regular (which you have to keep in the fridge) and self-preserving. I prefer the self-preserving version as the texture is slightly different. This mask is clay-based and great for acne-prone skin, as is contains honey and peppermint, as well as seeds and ground-up beans that exfoliate as you remove it. The scent is really minty, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it to be refreshing and cooling (good for redness). The smaller 125g pot is £5.75, and the 315g pot is £9.95 (both types are the same price).

Grease Lightning Spot Treament

I don’t have a picture of my bottle, since my sister stole it (classic), but this stuff is an absolute lifesaver for acne. The product is a thick, clear gel that when applied to spots, reduces their size and really helps to get rid of them. The rosemary, thyme and tea tree give it a herbal smell, and alongside aloe vera gel are the magic ingredients that make the treatment so effective. A little also goes a very long way – I kept the same bottle from October to May (probably too long to be honest, these things do expire). The 45g bottle is £6.50.

Shampoo Bars

I’ve tried a few of these and don’t have a solid favourite yet – I’m currently using Jason And The Argan Oil, which smells divine. The bars are made of solid shampoo, and Lush say that they last between 80 and 100 washes. You can either lather your hands, then apply the shampoo to your hair, or rub the bar directly onto your head. They lather up really well and always leave my hair feeling really clean and soft (the scent usually lingers, too). These are also fantastic to travel with – Lush sells a tin to keep one bar in, but any container is probably good. The prices vary, but most of the bars are £5.95 for a 55g bar.

All products are available in-store and online (except for the seasonal releases).

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