Haul – Revlon “Finishing Touch” bundle

Every now and then, Revlon run bundle deals on Superdrug’s website, where you can get a particular selection of products for a reduced price. I’m not sure if this one is still running, but last week I bought the “Finishing Touch” bundle for £15.99 – the total values of the items comes to £46.95, so it was a massive (and irresistible) saving.

This bundle is the perfect opportunity for a little haul and review, since I’ve not had anything from Revlon in a while, and these are all products or shades that I haven’t tried before. There are five items included, all intended to help finish off your makeup look – two brushes from Revlon’s own range (launched last year, I think), a mascara, a liquid lipstick and a shimmer brick-type face powder (everything follows a bronze-nude theme).


Revlon’s brushes haven’t had the warmest reception in the beauty community – while the price point isn’t too steep (from about £6 to £11), the quality is apparently questionable. The larger brush in this bundle is for contour (or so the label says), and has an attractive red and black design, with black synthetic bristles. This brush felt soft and not at all scratchy, but when I used it with the shimmer, quite a few bristles did come out and stick to my face – not a good look. The handle was also light and not weighted enough – giving the brush an overall cheap feel. The lip brush also felt a bit flimsy, although it is retractable – a super-useful feature for travelling, so you don’t get lipstick all over your bag. Again, the bristles are a little weak, but the brush does an OK job of evenly painting lippy on and getting a more precise edge.

Onto the makeup in the bundle (obviously my favourite part) – first up is the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Seduction – I already have this in Devotion, and it’s one of my most-worn everyday shades. Matte is probably the wrong word for these, as they don’t dry down completely and have more of a soft velvet texture that’s easier to apply and super comfortable to wear. The wand is a sizeable doe-foot with a pointed shape that allows for smooth and controlled distribution of the product, which really speeds up application (I can swipe this on in about 60 seconds).The formula itself is quite thick and gel-like, but it spreads easily without bleeding or feathering (it also has a mango and vanilla scent that I really like, but which might not be for everyone). This shade (Seduction) is a really flattering pink-nude, which isn’t too pale/dead looking or too orange for me – a victory, since I struggle so much with nude colours. I’m definitely adding this to my everyday collection, and I’m sure it will become a fast favourite – these are available here for £8.99, in a wide range of shades.

Also included in this bundle is the Highlighting Palette in 030 Bronze Glow – I’ve tried a few of these types of face powder, all inspired by Bobbi Brown’s iconic Shimmer Bricks (Boots Seventeen make really cheap one), and Revlon’s version is highly regarded as an amazing dupe. The pigments are soft and fine, with a shimmer that isn’t too chunky – this shade is more for bronzing than blush, with pink-brown tones arranged in strips across the pan and a white shimmer at the top for more highlighting power. I’ve been using a light dusting of this over my blush, and it gives a lovely gentle warmth to the complexion without looking too muddy or orange – definitely one for cracking out in the summer – picking out the individual shades as a swipe of eyeshadow also works really well. I’d love to pick up the 020 Rose Glow shade as well, as these are definitely a winner – available here for £9.99.


Sometime last year, Revlon got rid of their entire mascara collection, and replaced it with a range of five different products – all with identical packaging in different colours and each with its own purpose. With a red lid is the All-In-One mascara, intended to be an all-round lengthening, volumising and curling product. The wand unusual and not like anything I’ve tried before – it’s very small with plastic spikes rather than traditional bristles, and an oval shape with gaps on the inside (making it hollow). Revlon say that this is supposed to “maximise the amount of formula to the lashes” – they call it their Power Mini Brush. I was fairly apprehensive about this brush, as I prefer large and bristly applicators (see: Too Faced’s Better Than Sex) – however, I was really impressed by the effects. You have to be deliberate when applying, but the size and design of the brush allows for precision and buildability, so you can ensure every single lash is reached. I’ve been using this for about a week now, and I really love the fluttery effect that it gives. As for the formula, it’s a little wet upon application, so you have to be careful not to slip with it. It stays on well, flaking only a small amount, and can be removed easily (albeit in chunks, which is somewhat alarming). Overall, this does really well as an all-purpose drugstore mascara, and is definitely one to try if you’re looking for that “your lashes but better” look. I want to give some of the others in the range a go in the near future – they all retail for £9.99 each.


Even though the brushes are a bit of a miss, I really love the makeup items in this bundle, and to get them all together for that price is a total steal. Keep an eye out for deals like this in the future, as it’s a great opportunity to update or add to your makeup collection without spending a fortune.

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